Tips for Effective Retrospectives in Agile Teams

Retrospectives are one of the most important agile ceremonies: essentially, get together with your teammates to discuss what went well, what didn’t go so well, and identify action items to improve as a group.

To celebrate Teamworki‘s latest release – you nailed it, Retros – we brought a few ideas you can leverage in your next session.

1) Share the Retro board ahead of time

Especially if your team discussions take a while and/or you often go over time, why not sharing the Retro board beforehand? Tools such as Teamworki allow facilitators to do that and even send an email to your group with a link to it. That way, the time you book with the others will be all about voting and discussing the topics, aside from defining action items.

2) Try different templates

Are you always adopting the template with “went well”, “needs improvement”, and “action items”? Nah, let’s spice that up. Tools like ours have templates such as “Start / Stop / Continue”, “Mad / Sad / Glad”, and you could also show off all your creativity by doing something more visual – it’s your call, as long as you get people to speak up.

3) Break the ice first

We talked about icebreakers and safe space here, so why not running one of those exercises before the actual meeting? People like to be heard, but not everybody feels comfortable bringing ideas in front of a group.

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