Syncing Action Items between JIRA and Teamworki

Syncing Action Items between JIRA and Teamworki

Learn how you can leverage the JIRA + Teamworki integration and foster a bias for action at work.


When connected, an extra option allows you to create Action Items as JIRA issues. Works for items created manually or during a meeting (Retrospective / One on One).


Visualize the progress of your JIRA issues in Teamworki by leveraging our two-way sync.

When connected, new Action Items created during a One on One or Retrospective (in Teamworki) add a new JIRA issue to a project.

Setting up the integration

Where can I connect Teamworki to JIRA?

As an Org Admin, click My Teams and then the “Settings” tab. You will visualize settings for the organization you have selected at the top navbar.

Now, select the “Integrations” option on the left. Follow the instructions.

Note: the JIRA integration is only available to users on an organization subscribed to Teamworki Pro.

Can I determine which Action Items should be created in JIRA as well?

Yes. As per the image above, when connected, an extra option will allow to determine that, as well as which JIRA project should house the issue.

If I update the issue on JIRA, will Teamworki update its Action Item accordingly?

It is a partial two-way sync. The following statuses will be in sync when updated directly on JIRA:

  • Title
  • Status (only when marked as “done”)
  • Description (markdown formatting is partially supported)
  • Assignee (as long as the user’s email address is consistent is both platforms)
Great. Can I still track Action Items’ statuses when they were also created in JIRA?

Yes. They will behave as regular Action Items. To learn more about them, visit our FAQ for that feature.

If I need assistance, where do I go?

We’ll be more than happy to help you. You can either email us or send us a message through the chatbot at the bottom-left of our website or app. We’ll respond shortly.