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Pricing and Subscriptions

On the Free edition, what happens once I hit usage limits, or when the trial is over?

First, detailed pricing information can be found here. When a team is created, by default, it is put on the Free plan. Once their team lead attempts to use a Pro-only feature (or exceeds the Free limits above), they have the option to start a 14-day trial (free of charge).

A few days before the trial expires, the team lead will get an email asking them to enter a credit card in case they want to continue using Pro features after the trial period.

Once that period wraps up, if a credit card wasn’t entered, Pro-only functionality (such as Microsoft Teams integration and the “Manager” role/access to analytics) will be locked. Cap-limited meetings (such as retrospectives and one on ones) can still be visualized, but new ones won’t be allowed to be created until the 30-day cycle is over.

How can I manage my subscription and enter a credit card?

On My Teams, a new tab, “Settings”, allows you to visualize invoices, feature usage in the month/year, and enter (or update) a credit card.

I don’t have my company’s credit card. How can I get my manager or HR to do that for me?

On the My Teams page, select the Users tab and either click “Invite Admin” or promote existing users to Admins. People with that permission will see the “Settings” tab and will be able to update payment information.

I purchased the Pro plan. Do you offer refunds?

In most cases, we don’t offer refunds. If you live in the E.U. or Turkey, you’re eligible for a refund if you cancel your Teamworki Pro within 14 days of purchase. To request a refund, send us an email and include your country of residence.


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