(Podcast) Using AI to Gauge Employee Morale: the Teamworki Story

This week, Diego von Sohsten – our CEO – was featured in Tony Hackett’s podcast, Startups’ Roundtable. They chatted about how Teamworki is helping mid-sized tech companies build alignment and a culture of feedback. Give it a listen.

For many years, tools like Monday.com and JIRA became the way people got work done. However, the “people” aspect was often neglected and limited to HR. This isn’t the reality we are in. Team Leads and Managers could (and should!) do so much more to set their teams up for success, especially in the remote era.

Look around: if you’re in a mid-sized tech company, chances are that you’re adopting one tool for retrospectives, another software for surveys (usually driven by HRs), and random Google docs for your One on Ones… In this episode, you will learn how Teamworki can connect the dots and leverage machine learning to suggest employee morale and what potential blockers you – as a leader – should be looking at. Give it a listen.

By the way… have you tried Teamworki already?