Make your One-on-One Meeting actionable

Make your One-on-One Meeting actionable

Hard to track meetings and takeaways?
Use Teamworki and add agenda and action items to meetings you already run.

Use a template or create your own

Don’t know where to start? From Employee/Manager Check-In to 360 Feedback, Teamworki got you covered. Import our recommended questions and save time. If you prefer, import the agenda from your previous catch up.

Some of the templates Teamworki offer in the One-on-One Meeting feature.

Notification on Slack and Microsoft Teams for a One-on-One Meeting about to start.

Reminders via Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email

Minutes before the One-on-One Meeting starts, both parties get a notification with a link to the agenda. No more docs back and forth.

Run the meeting together

Before the meeting, both parties can add discussion topics. During the session, add private and/or public notes to document the discussion and give context.

Both parties can add discussion topics, notes, and action items.

Visualizing action items from a One-on-One Meeting on Teamworki.

Hold each other accountable

Create action items and define due dates for the reminders. Before starting your next one-on-one meeting, easily visualize which items from the previous session are still standing.

NEW: create action items as JIRA issues and track them using Teamworki. Learn more.

Integrated with the Google suite

Keep your One on Ones in sync between Teamworki and Google Calendar, an exclusive feature of Teamworki Pro. Learn more.

And there’s more: easily join the Google Meet call from Teamworki.

Import existing meetings to Google Calendar. Get new meetings created in Teamworki automatically in your calendar as well.

Gauge morale continuously

When your 1:1s are over, get AI-powered insights on the sentiment of the sessions.
Track action items and hold your team accountable.


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With Teamworki, One on Ones became easier to manage and my reports have been completing more action items, since they get reminders.

Stephanie Melnyk

Engineering Manager


In this session, two parties (either peers or leadership/employee) catch up to understand how things are going, gather/provide feedback, and set clear action items as a way to address that feedback.

Ran on-demand or regularly, One on Ones help coworkers build trust by helping each other eliminate blockers and providing advice. The best sessions spark action items as a way to perform continuous improvement.

Learn here some tips for running an effective one-on-one meeting at work.