Lessons Learned From Our Early Adopters in Their Forced Shift to Remote Work

We started Teamworki for a reason: to help leaders create a safe space in their workplaces. When teams are aligned around the same goals and there’s enough psychological safety for members to be themselves, nothing can stop them.

Before COVID-19 took over, we were supporting modern teams (flexible, diverse, and remote-friendly) who acknowledged that and were looking for tools to track and boost morale. With the pandemic also disrupting traditional companies, more people are coming to the realization that psychological safety should be the first checkbox that managers should tick to remain aligned and effective.

In order to better serve our community, we analyzed metrics (non-personal identifiable information, generic enough to be reported/encountered in multiple teams) from hundreds of early adopters active between March 1st and May 1st and found some trends, validated by qualitative insights.

Do you see a common pattern here? We do

Teams are coming together

The top keywords associated with a positive connotation (according to our proprietary health system), in that time frame, were “teamwork”, “communication”, and “monitoring”. Overall, morale/satisfaction indicators for those teams look like a U shape: they encountered difficulties during the peak of the pandemic in late March, and their morale grew back to where it was at a similar pace (in a matter of three weeks). Looks like our users are coming together in these challenging times and over-communicating – something crucial while being physically distant.

Maybe home office isn’t too bad… Oh wait, what’s the goal of the current sprint again?

Processes and practices are suffering

What do keywords like “backlog”, “sprint”, “tasks” have in common? They were all associated with a negative connotation by our user base in that time frame. The teams we work with are, indeed, struggling when it comes to how they operate (in that case, agile practices). They may have to be adapted to times like these. As much important as they are, however, it’s comforting to see that teams are getting back to their “safe spaces” – a cornerstone of agile – as a first step.

Cool. What about Teamworki?

Yes, with COVID-19 we had over 20% week-over-week (during the timeframe mentioned above) growth in the number of signups. People are, indeed, looking for remote tools to help them transition to a new normal where social distance isn’t a right, but an obligation. Bear in mind that no tool can be successful if foundational pieces such as trust and psychological safety aren’t in place.

We are happy to see our early adopters weathering the storm and we hope to expand our community to more and more team leads who care about putting people first. If you aren’t using our product, get started for free now.