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New teams 101
What is the difference between teams and organizations?

All teams in an organization.

Teams are workspaces where things happen in Teamworki:

  • A One-on-One Meeting happens between two people in a team.
  • A Retrospective takes place with all people in a team.
  • A Feedback Survey is sent out to all members of a team.

Organizations represent… organizations. Or departments. Or functional units in a company.
In a nutshell, they house teams:

  • When an organization is on the Free plan of Teamworki, all teams in it can’t use Pro features.

When you click My Teams on the left navbar, you’re loading all the teams in the Organization selected in the top navbar. In the image above, “My Org” is the organization while “My Team” is a team in it.

Who has permission to create a team?

Organization settings.

That answer depends on the organization’s settings. As per the image above, there’s an option to decide:

  • whether Org Admins are the only ones who can create a team, or…
  • whether anyone who is already in that organization (as a user) can do that as well.

That decision depends on the governance plan for Teamworki in each customer.

Can Org Admins visualize meetings and analytics from a team?

Only if they were part of the team.

What roles can a user have in a team?

An example of a team.

  • Members can create One on Ones and Retrospectives, answer Feedback Surveys (and view their own analytics), create Action Items, and connect to their own Google Calendar instance.
  • Managers (Pro only) can do what Members do, connect teams to extensions (Slack/Microsoft Teams), and view all team insights (having access to survey responses and the weekly Analytics report).
  • Team Leads (one per team only) can do what Managers do, invite more members, and demote/promote them to other roles. They can also manage Retrospectives in that team, even the ones they didn’t create.

Existing teams
How can I transfer a team from one organization to another?

Organization settings.

As per the image above, an organization setting (“Allow teams to join organization“) controls that option. Once it is enabled in the destination, an invite password needs to be set.

The next step, in the “source” org (where the team you intend to transfer lies), is: in My Teams, open the Teams tab, click “…”, and then “Transfer Organizations“.

The name of the destination org will be required, in addition to the Invite Password. Once you proceed, it’s done. Great job!

Note: when you transfer a team, users also join the new organization. If you’re in a Pro plan, that can incur charges for the new users that weren’t already there.