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General information
What are they for?

Here's an example of a Retrospective using Teamworki.

Modern teams try new things, measure, learn, and repeat.
Retrospectives are an agile tool for continuous improvement, ran after a sprint, key milestone, or on-demand.

Anyone can create a Retro in Teamworki, but only the creator (facilitator) and the Team Lead can transition from one stage to the other and update settings once the session started.

You can use Teamworki to log the discussions and the decisions made.

Facilitation is the key to make them productive. That’s why Teamworki has a stage-based workflow with the phases below:

  • Setup: choose a template, theme, define the number of votes, visibility level, and how people will join.
  • Add discussion items: anyone who got the notification (and people with the Invite Link, if enabled) can add items to the board.
  • Vote and group items: the facilitator/Team Lead can group items based on common themes, while everyone in the team can vote for what they’d like to discuss.
  • Add action items: while discussing the top-voted (or all) items, the facilitator/Team Lead can click the “Focus” icon to clarify what exact card is being talked about. Options to add comments to an item (to log the discussion) and to create Action Items are available.
  • Completed: the session has finished.
Can I use this feature for other purposes that require a collaborative board?

It’s called Retrospectives because it works great for that purpose. ๐Ÿ™‚

With that said, because it all comes down to the structure of the meeting. Teamworki has some pre-built templates for Retros (Mad/Sad/Glad, Starfish, etc) but you can run a weekly team sync or a Lean Coffee session too, as long as you create your own templates.

Preparing a Retrospective
Do all attendees of a Retro have to be in a Teamworki team?

Technically, yes. People who got a team invite (or used the auto-join URL), therefore, being a member, are the only ones that can open a Retrospective board.

Because the idea of invites is exhausting and full of friction, there’s a setting (available before and during a Retro to the Team Lead) that allows people to easily join the session and the team when using a special URL. It is called Invite Link (see the image below).

The Invite Link option.

Note: when in a Pro plan, whenever someone joins a team (either via a regular invite or using a link), it may incur charges, given that Teamworki is priced on a user basis.

Can Retrospectives sync with Google Calendar, similarly to how One on Ones work?

No. While One on Ones usually involve preparation and juggling multiple instances (as a manager), we see Retrospectives as more collaborative sessions that don’t require the same level of preparation.

If you have a very good reason for Retros to use Google Calendar, drop us a line. We’d love to learn more.

Can I create new templates? Where?

Option to create templates (when setting up a Retro).

Absolutely. You can do that when creating a new Retrospective using the “Column Board” option. Create your columns and then hit the Save as a Templateoption.

Note: Custom Templates are available only in the Pro edition of Teamworki. You know how it is – we need to pay the bills! ๐Ÿ™‚

Permissions and visibility
Who can open a Retrospective and see its data?

Only people who are part of that team – either having accepted an email invite or having used a link set by the Team Lead.