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General information
What are they for?

The Feedback Surveys area.

Flexible work has become the norm for many organizations across the globe. Teams aren’t constrained to the same physical space nor the same work schedules as before.

With that said, Team Leads and Managers still need to understand how their coworkers are doing without introducing more meetings.

Feedback Surveys are an asynchronous tool for asking your teams:

  • How their workload looks like and how you can help;
  • What the status of a key project they’re running is;
  • Whether they have feedback on a work-related initiative;
  • How likely they are to recommend their employer to others (e-NPS, or Employee Net Promoter Score);
  • Any other topic relevant to the workplace.

The best part is: Feedback Surveys are sent out in an automated manner, on a schedule configured by you. In case you connected Teamworki to a Slack or Microsoft Teams instance, your coworkers can answer the survey entirely without leaving their tool of choice. If “email” is the preferred method, they can still answer via a special link, without having to sign in.

Managing surveys
How can I create, modify, and delete surveys?

The Manage Surveys area.

Head over to the Feedback Surveys area. Having selected (in the dropdown list) a team you’re either a Team Lead or a Manager for, click Manage Surveys.

Below the settings, you can create new surveys and modify (which includes the “delete” option) existing ones.

When creating/modifying a survey, you will notice it can have multiple questions: quantitative (1-5, mandatory) and qualitative (open text, can be skipped by the users). A survey can have its own frequency and privacy (anonymous/not anonymous) settings.

Why is there a “default” survey?

When Feedback Surveys are “on”, you may have noticed the default survey (“How would you rate today as?”). But why is that? Well, it provides instant value.

Before you spend too much time formatting surveys to ask your team, you have a lightweight survey that can quickly give you insights on morale.

Because the notifications (reminders) are disabled, the only way for them to answer will be when they open the Teamworki dashboard. Maybe they can answer before their next One on One or Retro.

If you want to push notifications (reminders) via email/Slack/Microsoft Teams, please ensure to turn them on.
Note: as soon as you create your first survey, the default one will be gone – it is visible only when there are no “custom” surveys for a given team.

Permissions and visibility
Who can see the analytics/responses?

Users who are either a Team Lead or Manager in a team.

Teams can only have one Team Lead, but multiple Managers. The only difference between those roles is that the latter can’t move across Retrospective stages nor promote users to a team role.