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General information
What are they for?

The Action Items page.

Great meetings spark takeaways.

You can use Teamworki to plan/run your next One on One with a coworker or even your next Team Retrospective. In both cases, you probably want to ensure accountability: nobody wants to waste time two weeks from now to discuss the same items.

To get you and your team on the ball, when running your One on One or Retrospective in Teamworki, you can define Action Items. They have:

  • Title: the takeaway or task to be completed.
  • Assignee: the person who is supposed to handle the task. That can be a Team Lead, Manager, or Member in that team.
  • Status: “in progress” (default option), “resolved” (when marked as completed by the Team Lead or assignee), or “cancelled” (same).
  • Team: the team in your organization where the Action Item was created.
  • Date: the creation date for that Action Item.
  • Due Date: the day by which the Action Item must be complete.
Is Teamworki a project management tool?

No and we don’t plan to be.

The only reason why we have such concept of “tasks” is because meetings can be planned in our software. Supporting agenda planning and collaboration without having the accountability factor would be not solving entirely the problem around inefficient meetings and lack of collaboration.

Permissions and visibility
When I open the Action Items page, I can’t find items I previously created. Why?

In the Action Items page, look for the Filter menu.

If you’re sure there’s something missing, it could be one of the following scenarios:

  • Filters may have been applied to the page. By default, only “in progress” items are visible. Look for “Filter” in the Action Items page and remove any conditions that are preventing data from being shown.
  • The Action Items you’re looking for may have been created for an assignee/team under a different Organization. Check the selector at the top navbar. Do you see other Organizations in there? If so, select any of them, and check for Action Items again.
Can everybody in a team see all Action Items?

The answer is: it depends on the user role.

Managers and Team Members can visualize Action Items in the following scenarios:

  • When created in a meeting they were a part of (One on One or Retro);
  • When created directly by them in the Action Items page;
  • When created by someone else in any circumstances, but assigned to them.

With that said, Team Leads can always visualize all Action Items in a team, regardless of the criteria above.