Automate team updates and employee feedback

Automate team updates and employee feedback

Updates don’t require a meeting.
Check in on your teams by running asynchronous Feedback Surveys.
Works with email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Configurable surveys

Whether you want to gauge team morale, get updates on a key project, or simply collect feedback: Teamworki can help.

Create surveys and set the frequency (every Monday? every weekday?) and privacy (will they be able to respond anonymously?).

Running out of ideas? Here are ten questions to ask your team every week.

Easily create surveys with conditional paths.

Survey notification in Slack.

Survey notification in Microsoft Teams.

Works with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email

On the schedule configured by you, define how people will receive notifications for new surveys.

  • In case you select Slack or Microsoft Teams, your coworkers will be able to answer all the questions without leaving that tool of choice.
  • For email surveys, they can still answer by using their internet browser. They will use a special link: no authentication will be required.

NEW: Respond to feedback

Team Leads and Managers can start a conversation based on a member’s feedback. They can clarify a situation, ask for further feedback, and so on.

A member can also respond to the conversation. Whenever there’s a response, all parties involved are notified by email and Slack/Microsoft Teams.

Team Leads/Managers can respond to feedback and start a conversation.

Visualize insights on team morale and potential opportunities for improvement.

Track employee feedback and engagement

Every week, Teamworki generates the Analytics report: view feedback items and updates from your coworkers. Get AI-powered KPIs on the sentiment of the data at both team and member levels.

By promoting other stakeholders in your organization to “Managers”, they also gain visibility over those insights. It’s your call when (and how) you want to share the insights.

Note: if you’re running your Retrospectives and/or One on Ones in Teamworki, you can get further insights on employee feedback.


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Teamworki gives me peace of mind.

As the lead of a remote team, I have visibility on team morale on a daily basis.

Eytan Anjel

Frontend Team Lead
ReSci/Constant Contact