Connecting a Teamworki User to Their Google Calendar

Connecting a Teamworki user to their Google Calendar

Keep your next One-on-One Meeting in sync

Learn how you can leverage Google Calendar + Teamworki and make your next One-on-One Meeting the most effective and productive ever.


After connecting to your calendar, select any event with two people and make it a One-on-One Meeting in Teamworki. The two platforms will be in sync and a link to the agenda will be added to the Google invite.

Importing a One-on-One Meeting to Teamworki.


Make any One-on-One Meeting created on Teamworki a session on Google Calendar. Any changes in any of the platforms will update the other one.

Creating a One-on-One Meeting in Teamworki, which also creates a Google Calendar event.

Setting up the integration

How does the integration work?

A user on Teamworki can connect their account to their primary (personal) calendar on Google Calendar. Meetings created on Teamworki, when the option is selected, can be also auto-generated on Google’s side, and events from Google can be imported and become a Teamworki One on One.

Note: meetings require two people to leverage this automation, and it is only available to users on an organization subscribed to Teamworki Pro.

Who can connect?

Because it is a user-level integration, anyone with access to Teamworki, regardless of role.

Before I start the setup… If I were to delete or update a meeting on Google Calendar that has been sync’d to Teamworki, what will happen?

If deleted, the One on One on Teamworki’s side will be cancelled. If updated, it will be adjusted accordingly on our side. Works with both individual and recurring events.

Great. Finally, how exactly can I connect?

In Account Settings, the user-level setting where you can connect to Google Calendar.

On Teamworki, click your profile on the top right and then select Account Settings. The first option should be a Google Calendar integration. Note: if your organization isn’t a paying customer (in other words, if they are on a Free subscription), you won’t be able to proceed.

When disconnecting Teamworki from Google Calendar, do you keep any data from the latter?

Absolutely not. When you disconnect, you are removing the authorization for us to communicate with your Google Calendar. In that case, we remove any information we have about your connection and data. If you want to double-check, you can view your Google Account third party access here.

My events are no longer syncing or I am unable to import events. Help!

Eventually, your token for communicating with Google Calender gets disabled. That can happen when removing authorization via the Google Account permissions page or by resetting your Google Password. To fix this issue, please disconnect then reconnect to Google Calendar.

If I need assistance, where do I go?

We’ll be more than happy to help you. You can either email us or send us a message through the chatbot at the bottom-left of our website or app. We’ll respond shortly.