Connecting a Teamworki team to a Slack channel

Connecting a Teamworki team to a Slack channel

Learn how you can leverage Slack + Teamworki for capturing employee feedback and building alignment at work.


On the schedule configured by you, define how your coworkers will be notified about a new survey.

A Feedback Survey on Slack.


Get notifications when a sprint retrospective or a one-on-one meeting is about to start.

Get reminders for pending action items and upcoming meetings (One on Ones, Retrospectives)

Setting up the Slack integration

How does the integration work?

Some of the Slack notifications from Teamworki.

Teams on Teamworki can be connected to channels on Slack, enabling notifications for upcoming Team Retrospectives in the app. People who are part of a Teamworki team who are also in the connected channel (same email address) can get Slack notifications for upcoming meetings and employee feedback surveys.

Who can connect Teamworki to Slack?

Only Team Leads and Managers of a Teamworki team can connect it to Slack. Once the setup is complete, regular Members have the option in the app to manage what Slack notifications they would like to get, so they are in control of their preferences.

Before I start the setup… What are all the possible notifications I could get from Teamworki on Slack again?

You can find below all the possible notifications that leverage the integration. Bear in mind that Members can unsubscribe/subscribe to them, at any moment, by accessing their team in the app (https://app.teamworki.com).

  • Employee Feedback Surveys (via direct message): answer questions related to the workplace set up by a Team Lead/Manager. You can answer the entire surveys within Slack without having to log in to the app. In case you want to see historical responses, then you can visit Teamworki.
  • One-on-One Meeting Reminders (via direct message): every time you have an upcoming One on One between you and another coworker in the same team, if configured by the meeting facilitator, you can get a link to the agenda beforehand, which includes discussion topics and previous action items. That allows you to prepare the session.
  • Sprint Retrospective Reminders (via channel and/or direct message): whenever someone in your team starts a Retrospective, get a notification with a link to access it on your browser.
  • Pending Action Items (via direct message): be notified for pending action item(s) one day before the due date. Action items can be created during a One on One, Retrospective, or directly in the app dashboard.
  • Team Health Analytics (via direct message): only available to Team Leads and Managers, get notifications every week when the AI-powered Team Health Analytics report is ready. It includes a link to the app, where you can gauge team morale, visualize positive/negative word clouds, and analyze trends.
  • Great. Finally, how exactly can I connect Teamworki to Slack?

    The Extensions tab.

    • First, in the app, select My Teams on the left navbar. Then, select a team you are either a Team Lead or Manager of.
    • Next, click the Extensions tab. Select Enable Extension under Slack.
    • On the next screen, click Add to Slack. You will be prompted to select a channel to complete the integration.

    Note: if Teamworki Members couldn’t be mapped to Slack users based on the email address, as a Team Lead or Manager, you will be able to see those in the app in the team > Extensions tab > Slack (same place where the setup happens).

    If I need assistance, where do I go?

    We’ll be more than happy to help you. You can either email us or send us a message through the chatbot at the bottom-left of our website or app. We’ll respond shortly.