Be a Proactive Leader: Track Team Morale and Avoid Issues

Man looking down in the dumps at the office

As a team leader, you have the responsibility of setting your team up for success. And that includes creating a safe space for your coworkers and showing them they can trust you. Can you avoid an uncomfortable situation from happening in the first place, though?

Please don’t get me wrong: one on ones are an amazing tool to share positive and constructive feedback. However, many uncomfortable situations can be prevented way before they take place and, consequently, way before a one on one meeting.

Many agile teams have been exploring the idea of “happiness” or “morale tracking”. Every once a while, their leads share a template (a Google Docs file, an online board, etc) and each person fills that out, telling how their day is going (in a 0-5 or 0-10 scale). During a retrospective or even a one on one, each member can elaborate on the score, telling the reasons behind it. What if there was a better way of putting together that data, more often and through automation?

Don't forget to use Teamworki to gauge morale in your team.
Don’t forget to use Teamworki to gauge morale in your team.

At Teamworki, we are strong advocates of empowered teams. By using our free product, leads can configure an online morale/happiness tracker at whatever frequency they want (2x a week? Every day? You tell us) and each member will be prompted to fill it out, picking a grade and leaving some comments behind. All that data is available to the leader on the product through a dashboard, where they can identify trends over time.

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