Become a Teamworki Affiliate | Earn income for your referrals

Become a Teamworki Affiliate and Earn Money

Help other organizations boost employee performance – and earn lifetime, recurring commissions for it.


Get paid 30% lifetime, recurring commissions (minus merchant fees) for referring Teamworki Pro customers. We will pay you via Paypal by the 15th of each month following your referral’s successful payment. For referrals on a yearly Pro plan, you will be paid every 12 months.

Join the Teamworki Affiliate Program and earn lifetime, recurring commissions.



You will get a link you can share with your audience via email, blog posts, etc. Having used your link to sign up, as long as your followers move to a paid (Pro) plan within 60 days, they will get a 25% lifetime discount.

As a Teamworki Affiliate, get an exclusive, lifetime discount for your audience.




Once your followers use your affiliate link to sign up, even if they click someone else’s after, the commission will be yours as long as they are charged for a paid (Pro) subscription within 60 days since first hitting your link.


As long as your referral is a paying Teamworki customer (on a Pro subscription) in the same organization they created in the app from your affiliate link (within 60 days since accessing the link), you will earn recurring commissions (for each payment).



What is Teamworki?

We are an AI-powered employee performance tool for high-growth, agile companies. Tools like Feedback Surveys, One on Ones, and Retrospectives create new avenues for collecting employee feedback and our proprietary Team Health Analytics generates AI-powered insights on employee morale and alignment.

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate partner?

Not at all.

Can I track my commissions?

Definitely. After filling out the form to apply, you will get instructions by email to access your dashboard where you can track the total number of visitors (who used your link), how many created a free account (lead), and finally how many were charged for a paid (Pro) Teamworki subscription, resulting in a commission for you.

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Help other organizations boost employee performance – and earn lifetime, recurring commissions for it.

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