10 Questions to Ask Your Team Every Week

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Asking how “happy” someone is might be a good starting point in a one-on-one meeting, but it might not provide enough insights for you, as a leader, to act on. Researchers have been suggesting a more team-oriented and objective approach, where the questions you bring to the table can be more insightful, measurable, and human-centric. That model could work on good and bad days, with introspective and outgoing coworkers.

We outlined below a few morale questions you can use right now in your team. We’d be grateful if you could give those a shot and share your experience in the comments section below.

Quantitative + qualitative

The ones below can be used both in a quantitative (from 1-5, how could someone answer those) and qualitative (why the score?) approach. Software such as Teamworki’s morale feature can automate those questions by sending one (or more) at a time to your team, by Slack and/or email notifications. They can be a great input for your next one-on-one meeting.

  • How aligned do you feel regarding our sprint/monthly/quarterly goal? (you choose)
  • How confident do you feel regarding our sprint/monthly/quarterly goal? (you choose)
  • How transparent is your workplace?
  • How optimistic do you feel today about your goals?
  • How available are your coworkers/leadership/stakeholders to help and unblock you?


If you are taking the time to meet with a coworker in a one-on-one session (we hope you are!), the questions below are broader and can give you insights that wouldn’t be uncovered without human interaction. Those can be a great input for your next team retrospective. Software such as Teamworki’s one on ones allows you to plan your meeting collaboratively and take action on the items discussed.

  • In retrospect, what was the highlight of last week and why?
  • What did you learn last week and why was it important for you?
  • What is your number one objective in the next week?
  • What is working well on the team?
  • What could be improved on the team?

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